International Day of Midwifes 2022 #IDM2022 #ICM100

“The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is proud to celebrate this year’s International Day of the Midwife (IDM) on 5th May 2022 under the theme of “100 Years of Progress.

#ImagineIfMidwives had:

👉🏻 Equal, fair compensation
👉🏽 Fair working conditions and protections
👉🏾 Standardised regulation frameworks
👉🏿 Equal opportunities to local, standardised education

#ImagineIfMidwives were:

not oppressed by a hierarchical, #patriarchal health system and not conflated with other professions. How much more could we accomplish with policy that promotes #genderequality?

supported to perform their full scope of practice. What if they were recognised as autonomous practitioners and the lead healthcare professional responsible for planning, organising and delivering care to women from the initial booking of antenatal visits through to the postnatal period?

recognised as distinct, autonomous healthcare professionals, no longer conflated with nurses, obstetricians or other healthcare providers.

recognised and funded for what they are: a pathway to achieving the #SDGs  #SDGAction #ICM100

recognised for what they are: a pathway to achieving the #SDGs. @United Nations #SDGAction #ICM100

recognised for what they are: a pathway to achieving the #SDGs. @United Nations #SDGAction #ICM100

supported by a regulation framework based on the @International Confederation of Midwives Global Standards for Midwifery Regulation.

had equal access to ongoing midwifery #education, according to the @International Confederation of Midwives’ standards & competencies.


In 2021, @world_midwives, @UNFPA and @WHO published the State of the World’s Midwifery report #SoWMy2021. The data was shocking, but also hopeful. It went like this:

#ImagineIfMidwives were supported and invested in by governments all over the world. We would see the following by 2035:

✔️ 4.3 million lives saved every year
✔️ 1.9 million stillbirths averted every year
✔️ 2 million neonatal deaths averted every year
✔️ 280K maternal deaths averted every year

#ImagineIfMidwives had already received the investment and support they need when the #COVID19 pandemic hit. The virus would not have had nearly the same dire impact on our healthcare systems as it has.

Women NEED #midwives for their health & wellbeing.


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